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Aquarium Systems Proten LED Lighting Freshwater 26w 900/1200mm

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£109.99 Inc VAT

Product Description

Aquarium Systems Proten LED Lighting Freshwater 26w 900/1200mm

The Aquarium Systems Proten LED lighting system is a stunning extendable LED lighting solution for freshwater aquariums that is both practical and innovative in regards to its design.

It is a very low profile LED unit that extends excellently to fit over various lengths of aquarium making it one of the most flexible units available on the market. Also included are a set of adapter clips that allow you to fit these bulbs into existing hoods with either T5 or T8 fittings.

The freshwater models use a potent combination of 10,000K, 8,000K, RGB and 0.2w RGB LEDs, they are perfect for planted tanks as well as fish only aquariums as the powerful light will create a natural looking beautiful tank and promote healthy plant growth.

The dual light mode recreates daylight and moonlight conditions for a more natural cycle.  LED low energy consumption  Extendable arms for tank mounting  Can be fitted to existing T5/T8 connections  Controller with dual channel on/off LED  Supplied with 4 clamp fixings  2 year guarantee

Technical Information

Light Length: 900mm
Light Extends: 900 - 1200mm
Lumens: 1300lm
LED's: 31
Wattage: 26w
LED combination
6 x 10000K 1w
8 x 8000K 1w
8 x RGB 1w
9 x RGB 0.2w

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