Glass Catfish (Kryptopterus bicirrhus)

The Glass Catfish is native to indo-china, and unlike its many other relatives this catfish frequents the upper layers of the fish tank using its barbels to orientate and search for food. Most fish stores stock these at around 3-4cm in size, but they can grow to a maximum of 9cm. Unlike some of its relatives, the Glass Catfish is happy to swim during daylight.

The glass, or x-ray catfish gets its name from its transparent body, and has become a firm favourite with hobbyists for the instant impression it makes. It is unlikely to breed in the home aquarium, and its generally recommended that they are kept in groups, as lone glass catfish tend to gradually pine away.


It is recommended that they are kept in heated tropical community aquaria, no less than 60 litres, in groups of 4 or more in order to thrive. A lower pH level of around 6.5-7.0 is ideal. Glass catfish will feed on most common tropical feed such as flake and small algae wafers, and may also be given the odd frozen treat such as cyclops or tubifex.


Sources: Wikipedia, Interpet Guides
Photo credit: Practical Fishkeeping



Glass catfish