Packaging and Delivering your Online Order of Aquatic Livestock


We use a licenced courier company called APC Overnight, who take utmost care to ensure safe delivery of your fish. APC Overnight are the only courier delivery company in the United Kingdom licenced to deliver aquatic livestock. Hence the higher cost of delivery. Using any other delivery company puts the safety of your livestock at risk

APC Overnight offer secure delivery on WEDNESDAYS THURSDAYS and FRIDAYS only. This is to ensure that packages containing livestock are not held in a delivery depot for more than 24 hours or over weekends. Delivery will be made during the hours of 8am and midday, to ensure your fish spend as little time as possible in transit. APC will not ship to areas where the transit time potentially exceeds 24 hours, such as UK Islands and Scottish Highlands.

APC Courier will not ship livestock during periods of EXTREME WEATHER. Shipping will be re-arranged if the weather is excessively cold (near or below freezing) or excessively hot (30 degrees or more) to ensure optimum conditions for welfare.

A delivery date will be arranged by one of our team. We will not send out any livestock without prior arranging delivery.


Like in your local fish store, livestock will be packaged in a fish bag containing a small amount of water. Oxygen is added to each bag in preparation for travel.

The fish bags are then packed securely into a lined polystyrene box, with activated heat packs to ensure the temperature is maintained. We ensure all heat packs are activated and generating heat prior to packing. Heat packs require air to activate, so small vent holes may be apparent in the box to ensure this.

During periods of cold weather and for added protection, the polystyrene box is further packed inside a cardboard box and sealed for transit. We affix 'handle with care' labels to the outer of the box to inform handlers that live fish are packed inside.

If you have any further questions about how our fish are packed or delivered please click here to contact us.