The Banded Corydoras
Scleromystax barbatus

The banded corydoras, or bearded freshwater catfish, inhabits coastal regions of south-east Brazil, South America.

A very popular choice among fish keepers, they are generally peaceful but can grow larger than most Corydoras (up to 10cm) so a fairly large aquarium habitat is recommended.

Corydoras thrive and a substrate of fine sand, or very clean small rounded gravel. They require some sheltered habitat, especially if you are keeping more than one male.

Banded corys benefit from a rich worm and insect-based diet, as well as plant matter. Bloodworm and Tubifex are great, but ensure that they have a varied diet which includes some plant/algae/vegetable-based food.

Please do not make the common mistake of assuming that Corys survive on bottom-feeding leftovers or waste from other tank inhabitants. They should not be relied upon to 'clean' an aquarium, and should be given a specific dietary plan like all other fish.

Ideal water perameters 6.0 - 8.0 ph
Temperature: 24-28 °C

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Banded cory

Photo credit: Freepic