The Neon Goby (Gobiosoma oceanops)
The neon goby fish, or neon blue gobie, gobiosoma oceanops is native to the tropical eastern Atlantic and Gulf coast of North America from Florida to Belize. They were classified in 1904.
Gobiosoma oceanops is a very popular choice of gobie due to its beautiful neon colour, one of many qualities it brings to your reef tank.
Growing to a size of around 5cm, its one of the biggest goby fish out there. So a reef aquarium of at least 40 litres is recommended. They make a great addition to small polyped stony coral tanks, an ideal environment for them.
The neon goby is quite a hardy fish, and will help control certain diseases in your fish tank. Neon gobies are known to nip cysts off other fish and are capable of tackling the viral infection lymphocystis. This type of fish is generally docile, but can be aggressive towards its own or similar species.

The neon goby fish is a carnivore and will feed on food like frozen brine shrimp, frozen mysis shrimp and meaty food. In a reef tank feed once a day (without live substrate, feed several times a day) Be sure that if kept with more aggressive tank mates, it gets enough to eat.

Written by: Luke Williams
Photo credit: WikiMedia