Porkfish - Anisotermus virgincus

The Porkfish (Anisotremus virginicus) is native to the western Atlantic and the Caribbean. They belong to the ‘grunt’ family. Grunts are also known as ‘Sweetlips’ because of their distinguishable large rubbery lips. Grunts are group of fish so named for the sounds produced by the grinding of their pharyngeal teeth, amplified by their air bladders.

Porkfish can be intimidated by more aggressive fish and should be kept with less-pugnacious tank mates. In the wild they can be found either in schools or solitary, hovering over the reef during the day, becoming nocturnal predators and feeding on benthic crustaceans, fish and invertibrates dwelling on the rocky bottoms of reefs.

Provide them with plenty of swimming space in captive marine aquariums. The recommended minimum aquarium size is 300 litres. It is not recommended as a reef-aquarium-friendly fish, it will eat small prey, including snails, polychaete worms, hermit crabs, serpent stars and ornamental shrimps.

Feed 2-3 times a day, on a diet consiting of meaty food including chopped shrimp. Also frozen food for carnivores.
Reef aquarium compatibility: Not recommended.

Written by: Luke Williams

Photo credit: Zsispeo


Porkfish Sweetlips