The Sharknose Goby (elacatinus evelynae)
The shark nose goby,  also known as the cleaner goby is native to the western Atlantic Ocean from the Bahamas and the lesser Antilles to the northern coast of America.
This fish inhabits coral reefs in clear ocean water at a depth of 1-53m with the preffered temperature reported to be 22-27.C (72 to 81 farenheit). Sharknose gobies typically grow to a length of around 4cm. They are popular inhabitants in hobbyist's reef tank aquariums. Commonly kept in pairs as they will both actively protect eggs if they reproduce.
They are beautiful, popular fish particularly because of how they nip cysts off of other fish and can even remove the viral infection lymphocystis. This species is a great addition to a reef tank for parasite control too, and will feed on ectoparasites found on other fish.
The sharknose goby fish is a carnivore and will feed on food like frozen brine shrimp, frozen mysis shrimp and meaty food. In a reef tank feed once a day (without live substrate, feed several times a day) Be sure that if kept with more aggressive tank mates, it gets enough to eat.

Written by: Luke Williams
Photo credit: Lazlo Ilyes