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Boyu Fluidized Bed Reactor Filter FT-316 for Pumps up to 600L/h

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£31.99 Inc VAT

Product Description

Boyu Fluidized Bed Reactor Filter FT-316 for Pumps up to 600L/h

Aquarium fish tank fluidized bed filters are an ideal filtration addition to large or heavily stocked aquariums. By "fluidizing" or suspending fine grained media in a column of water, they increase surface area and contact time for highly efficient biological filtration. Aquarium fluidized bed filters are ideal for planted aquariums, as they won't wear off your CO2. They are easy to maintain and you won't disturb your bacterial bed, which is a problem with some biological filters. They can also, depending on the media used, treat contaminants such as salts, remaining chlorine, nitrogenous waste and heavy metals in the water .

The Boyu FT series of fluidized bed reactors are easy to use, simple to set up and can be placed in the aquarium, hung outside or installed in the cabinet underneath the aquarium.

The FT range of filters can be used with a wide variety of media in order to match the needs of your aquarium, such as ion exchange resin, bio pellets, and the included crystal sand media.

 Boyu fluidised bed media reactor filter
 Ideal for using as an additional filtration system
 Can be used with multiple filtration medias
 Highly efficient biological filtration
 Includes pipework and optional use sand media

Please note: pump / powerhead required for use - not included.

Technical Information

Dimensions: 143 x 95 x 390mm (L x W x H)
Maximum though-flow rate: 600 L/H
Inlet / outlet diameter: 10mm (external)

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