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We are dedicated enthusiasts and will take care make every effort to ensure that we fulfil your indoor aquarium and outdoor garden pond needs, giving a classic and pleasant customer experience. Thousands of product lines stocked and sold through our Buckinghamshire shop and online sales warehouse.

We supply fish tanks for sale for all coldwater, tropical, freshwater and marine fish and also reptiles. You can make sure your fish have the sort of life that allows them to be happy with some of the feeding and cleaning tools on our site. Call up any day to enquire about what a tank includes, best ways to mimic the sea and any other advice you could need!




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At Real Aquatics we take pride in sourcing quality aquariums, filters, pumps, lighting and accessories to suit all fish keeping budgets and needs.

Our vast range of fish tanks can cater for many types of fish, be it climate, lighting or environment, we can provide helpful advise over the phone.

Thousands of high end product lines stocked and sold through our Buckinghamshire shop and online sales warehouse.

Every day there are sea and river fish that people find attractive, having this kind of fish includes adapting the way they are stored in your aquarium. There are tools which can help increase the variation of fish you can store. We offer the classic water conditioners, which allow for many different types of fish. We offer a brand for everyone on our site which includes Quantum.

We offer solutions for all types of indoor and outdoor ponds and water features

Browse our range of pond pumps, filters, lighting and accessories from tried and tested brands all sold from within the United Kingdom.

We also stock a brand new comprehensive range of water treatments and food for all pond fish species including goldfish, koi and sturgeon.

The vast array of lighting strengths, luminescence and wattage can sometimes be a challenging task to find the right one for you!

Fortunately our team on our hand to help. Simply pick up the phone, email or speak to us over the live chat at the bottom right of the page.

Our rank of aquarium lighting sure does mean we have products for all types of marine life!


Our business prides itself on having one of the more diverse and largest selection of Aquarium and Reptile related products throughout the UK. Buy securely online today from a store you can trust!


All of our support team own, manage and are keen hobbyists within the Aquarium environment. If you're stuck or unsure, simply get in touch via our live chat or contact us page!


All of the products we sell online have been given the Real Aquatics seal of approval. Buy with confidence today combined with FREE UK delivery.


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If you have a limited amount of space for your aquarium, you may be wondering what the best size aquarium for the room is. There are a few factors which go into the ideal dimensions. Before buying, you should ask yourself two questions: “what fish am I going to put in my aquarium?” and “how big is aquarium going to be compared to the room”. Different fish require many distinct things in a fish tank, one of them being a minimum amount of water. Unless you want to be restricted as to what fish you can have in your aquarium, always find out the minimum amount of water each fish should have. When comparing different aquariums, the bigger tanks always look better; however, if you have a tiny room and stick a gigantic aquarium inside, it may not give you the look you’re going for. Always measure up the room before buying your aquarium to avoid unpleasantries.

At Real aquatic we take pride in all of the products we sell; our fish tanks and aquarium equipment is no exception from this regime. We sell a wide range of aquarium paraphernalia, what is available can been regarded below:

Aquariums, Filters, Pumps, Lighting, Heaters, Cleaners, Food

Real Aquatics stock a vast range of aquariums, varying in size, shape and capacity; thus catering for a greater margin of customers. Whether you are a novice or an experienced aquarist, Real Aquatics will have an appropriate solution for your situation. In a very basic aquarium, all that is required is: water conditioner, a net and fish food; every other aquarium extra is to make the fish happier or to make management easier. Almost anyone can start an aquarium if they really want to, it’s up to you to make it extravagant.

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