All fish are sold on the provision that they will be acclimatized, responsibly cared for in good quality water, and kept only with compatible tank mates. Always ensure you have used a suitable dechlorinating tap safe product in your aquarium water.

1. Turn your aquarium lights off.
2. Feed any other fish in your tank to minimise their interest in the new fish.
3. Float the closed bag in the water, allowing the water temperature to synchronise.
4. After 10 minutes, open the bag and fold down the sides so that it remains afloat.
5. Introduce a small amount of current tank water into the bag. Repeat twice more every five minutes.
6. 15 minutes after you have poured the last portion of water in, discard three quarters of the water in the bag.
7. Slowly tip the bag upside down to release the fish into the tank.
8. Leave the lights off for at least 2 hours.
9. Feed your fish a small amount once settled.

Step 7 note - if you are concerned about mixing water, carefully drain the water away passing the fish through a net and introduce the netted fish.

If your fish show signs of distress (e.g. paleness, lethargy) due to acclimatizing, please monitor them closely for 24 hours after step 9.




It is good practice to quarantine all new fish before introducing to your tank.

Placing your new fish into a segregated habitat or quarantine tank that mimics the conditions in your main tank for a period of 48 hours or more will help the fish adapt to the new water chemistry and prevent the increased potential for common diseases due to acclimitising stress around your current livestock. We know that this is not always possible, so we offer the following assurances.

Our livestock undergo the following process prior to being released for general sale: All imported fish complete a quarantine period of at least 7 days before release for general sale. All fish are stored upon arrival in water that has been treated to prevent bacterial and fungal disease. All fish are inspected prior to release and will not knowingly be supplied with any disease or ailment.

Procedures are in line with current legislation under local authority Pet Licence 2018 terms and are regularly inspected.